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Social Media Marketing that Amplifies Your Brand Voice

Social media is a cornerstone of consumer engagement in the 21st century. Consumers now invite brands into their digital world the same way they do friends and family, demonstrating a level of brand loyalty and interest previously thought unfathomable.

Organic Social Media Marketing

To help brands establish a strong voice where potential customers congregate, the Warren Douglas team analyzes which social platforms are most likely to reach your audience. Then we cultivate structured tone, voice, content themes, and objectives for your brand, platform-by-platform. This ensures that organic content remains relevant to consumer expectations on each individual platform.

Paid Social Media Marketing

As important as organic social content is for establishing brand voice and presenting RTBs, it is no secret that the organic reach on social platforms steadily declines without consistent engagement. Paid social campaigns combat this phenomenon and reach relevant consumers.

Social Media Influencer Curation

The highest accolades (should) come from someone other than the brand itself. Social influencers reach your target market in ways your brand can’t. When their circles of influence overlap with a brand’s audience, it could be a match made in heaven. However, not all social influencers are the same. You want to place your brand in the hands of a trustworthy voice. Warren Douglas has executed award-winning campaigns that included social media influencers. Our experts will find the best possible voices to represent you on their platforms.

Data-Driven Investment Allocation

Warren Douglas centers paid social campaigns around the ability to optimize results. Each dollar you spend in paid social needs to work as hard as possible for you. No matter what the campaign objective is (awareness, website traffic, locator searches, etc.), our paid social team adheres to relevant KPIs in the funnel so that messaging and campaign targeting consistently drive the ultimate goal of the business.

Warren Douglas tracks the results of each campaign iteration, optimization, and individual creative (when possible) to determine which campaigns are working hardest for your brand. Then, using that data, we redirect investment to support the most effective tactics.

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