Web DesignServices

Web Design Services that Elevate Your Brand

Business websites serve a variety of functions:

  • Communication
  • Education
  • Lead generation
  • Sales
  • Discovery
  • Data collection
  • Brand identity
  • Customer service

Frequently, your website is the first impression a prospect has of your brand. How it looks, what it says, and how it functions reflect on your brand, positively or negatively. Websites that look dated, take too long to load, and don’t present the information visitors seek may cause a potential customer to choose a competitor instead of you. Let Warren Douglas’ team of web design professionals assist your premium brand by providing a premium website.

High-Functionality Websites

If your website doesn’t work properly, visitors will find one that does. That being said, functionality goes beyond load speed and working links. What do you need the website to do for you? Well, you probably need people to be able to find it on their smartphones. Mobile first design should be the industry standard. You may also want your website to have contact forms, a registration process, a locator search, or any number of other interactive components, all of which demand competent developers who understand the importance and value of reliable functionality.

Strategic Web Design

Design does more than make a website aesthetically pleasing (although it does that). Design structures, directs, and informs the user experience while simultaneously displaying the brand identity in a cohesive fashion.

SEO Best Practices for Websites

Search engine optimization (SEO) is what helps to draw organic traffic to your website. Proper URL structure, page titles, headlines, meta descriptions, and alt text gives you the best chance of being found in search results pages.

UX and UI Considerations in Web Design

Visitors should understand how to navigate your brand’s website, even if they are not technically savvy. Buttons and links should be visible and easy to click. Tabs should help visitors find exactly what they’re looking for with efficiency. And nothing about the website should be prohibitive for individuals with disabilities. ADA compliance for websites makes information more accessible to visitors of ALL abilities.

Warren Douglas Advertising blends best practices with proficiency and creativity to deliver a website you can be proud of.