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Search Engine Optimization allows you to capitalize on free traffic to your website.

Selecting the right keywords to target is a more complicated process than it used to be. Factors such as voice search, Google’s use of latent semantic indexing, and growing competition, should play a part in keyword selection. Warren Douglas utilizes the following strategy to maximize SEO performance.
-Analyzing industry keywords
-Comparing keywords with competitors
-Prioritizing keywords that show intent
-Sourcing additional keywords that Google is expecting to see paired with your keywords. This is latent semantic indexing.
-Using keywords in body copy, headers, title tags, and description tags

Having the keywords, using keywords in content, and setting tags, is the first part of the battle. However, site structure does play an important role in setting the keywords up for success. How a website is structured plays a part in it being able to rank. Structuring a site right, and making sure Google knows the layout of your site, helps set it up for success.

Google only wants to rank sites that will provide a good user experience. People compare every website experience they have to their best, most recent experience. You are competing with every website, not just websites in your industry. This means that usability is now a major part of SEO.