Marketing Strategy that Tackles the Problem You’re Trying to Solve

Marketing is only successful if it drives your business. Strategy begins by asking the right questions:

  • What problem are you trying to solve?
  • Which are the best KPIs to measure success?
  • Does your position within the industry accurately represent your brand?
  • What’s the next step for your brand?
  • Where in the funnel does your marketing need to focus to achieve the desired results?
  • What is the tactical recipe most likely to set you up for success?

If all you know is that you want to grow the business, there is a different question you need to ask yourself: What does the data say about the current state of your business in the market? The data may report consumer behavior, sales numbers, product return rates, competitor market share, or brand recognition among the target audience. Looking at the data helps you to identify the problem. It also informs the marketing strategy moving forward. The gut-feeling marketing that flew in the past is being replaced by data-driven strategic marketing. The influx of AI makes collecting data easier and drives strategy in more precise ways.

Warren Douglas is an advertising agency, but the work we do necessitates our being business savvy, too. And when it comes to data-informed marketing strategy, our team excels.


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