Influencer Marketing

The highest accolades (should) come from someone other than the brand itself. Social influencers reach your target market in ways your brand can’t. When their circles of influence overlap with a brand’s audience, it could be a match made in heaven. Using a variety of tools and data, we identify which influencers make the most sense for your brand!

Not all social influencers are the same. You want to place your brand in the hands of a trustworthy voice. Warren Douglas Advertising has executed award-winning campaigns that included social media influencers. Our experts will find the best possible voices to represent you on their platforms.

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Influencer Sourcing

Finding those whose pillars and themes resonate with your target audience.

Influencer Contract Negotiation

Hashing out the details, specs, and cost.

Brand Standard Vigilance

Ensuring influencer posts don’t clash or contradict with your brand guidelines.

Influencer Campaign Monitoring

Following the success of influencer posts.

Influencer Campaign Reporting

Providing data from influencer posts.

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