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So, you think your product is the Lexus of your category? We can actually quantify that brand comparison and tell you if you’re a Lexus, or more like a Honda or a Hyundai. Hard goods don’t enjoy the frequency of purchase like CPG brands do, but there’s lots of perceived brand hierarchy and status associated with them. Our premium rankings across thousands of brands reveal many interesting comparisons, co-branded partnerships, and smart marketing implementation.

Most Hard Goods brands have a slower sales cycle than CPG brands, since investment—whether B2C or B2B—is a significant share of wallet. Whether you’re selling workwear or glasses, pianos or boots, understanding the depth of your customers’ trade-offs should greatly influence how you connect with them.

Our team brings to the table decades of both agency-side and client-side work to the table. Brand experience includes Jacuzzi Spas, Halliburton, Continental Tires, Interstate Batteries, Monterey Boats, Fujitsu, Dell, and all manner of individual Consumer Electronics brands such as Apple, AT&T, Motorola, Samsung, SIRIUS, Sprint, and Verizon.

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