Content Strategy

It’s not just what you say, but how you say it, where, when, and to whom. Content strategy begins with an understanding of what your brand needs the website to do for you, who your target market is, your brand personality, and the key differentiators you want to present. From there it’s a matter of organizing the messaging so that it flows like a story with logical content grouping and clear next steps. Structuring a site properly and making sure the search engine understands the layout of the site are non-negotiables. Themed pages (pages that address one specific aspect of your business) function as the ideal landing pages for paid search as well as being informative pages that are easy to find on the website.

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Logical Organization

Sitemap Planning

Navbar Distillation

Themed Pages

Clear CTAs

Engaging Storytelling

Consistent Brand Voice


SEO Copywriting

Internal and External Linking

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