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WD’ers Favorite Logos

Logos can make or break a brand. They can serve as a representation of values, services and products. Take a look at our favorite iconic logos of all time.

Vice President/Creative Director, Steve Hanthorn, said the Yamaha logo is one of his favorites. “It’s made up of three tuning forks which foremost represents their musical heritage” he said. “But to me, it stands for their impeccable engineering, fine attention to detail and reliable, Swiss-watch-like performance on a daily basis.  Every Yamaha motorcycle I’ve owned has lived up to that, as well as two Yamaha car motors I’ve owned.”


Hanthorn also likes the instantly recognizable BMW. He said its design is reminiscent of a spinning airplane prop, a nod to their aeronautical beginnings making incredible WWI airplane motors.


Another favorite logo listed by Hanthorn is the angry woodpecker “Mr. Horsepower” of Clay Smith Cams of California. “The woodpecker has all the grit and attitude of a wrench-addicted speed freak hardcore racer.  Too damn cool,” he said.


Nothing brings back old memories of family road trips more than McDonald’s,” Paul Davis, senior art director, said. “I love the simplicity of the logo and how, to me, they incorporated their famous french fries as the golden arches.”


Davis said he has always loved the Apple Brand. “The simplistic Newton’s Apple symbol has stood the test of time by changing with the times,” he said. 


What can I say, I’ve always liked Coca Cola. I see the logo as a true American icon that has remained true since the late 1800’s,” Davis said. 


Production Manager, Mitch Topliss, said he likes logos where elements of the name or design come together to make the whole image. “The Goodwill and Volkswagen logos are good examples of this. The Chicago Blackhawks logo is just classic and is one of the strongest and oldest logos in American sports.”


Topliss said he also likes logos where one object is made to look like another. “The Circus of Magazines logo might not be a well known company, but I think it is a clever and strong design.”


Holly Aldriedge, graphic designer, claims the Barbie logo is one of her favorites because it brings back childhood memories.

“This Barbie logo ran from 1975 to 1992. It was before my time of playing with the dolls, but out of the six Barbie logo evolutions, this one is my favorite,” Aldriedge said. “I love the minimalist approach and that there are elements of this design style that are currently resurfacing.”


Associate Creative Director, David Elizalde, is partial to the old Jack in the Box logo. “In passing most people read it without a struggle. However, it has seven ligatures, places where letters overlap and share lines,” he said. “It is not the most beautiful logo, but it shows how designers can get tricky with typography without loosing legibility.”


The Target bullseye, the Nike swoosh and McDonalds Golden Arches; each one is simple, iconic, and instantly recognizable. No supporting type treatment is needed to know exactly what brand they belong to,” said Bryce Burton, senior art director.

Account Supervisor, Ashli Smick, said she loves classic rock band logos such as The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, The Doors and Pink Floyd. “Beyond depicting an epic chapter in rock and roll history, they embody the personality of the groups and the rebellious, exploratory, jam-sesh vibe of the era.” 

“It screams … I’m old; besides that, I have an emotional attachment to the Atari logo. Probably because the hours of Pong and Space Invaders etched this symbol in my brain,” said Jenny Manning, vice president of integrated media.



Ellyn Kile, content specialist, said one of her favorite logos is Disney. “As a kid, when you popped in that VHS, saw the star jump over the Disney castle and hummed the iconic tune, you knew you were about to embark on a song-filled, exciting adventure,” she said. “Now as an adult, Disney represents generations of shared memories and traditions and continues to spark that warm nostalgic feeling of the simpler life.”


Assistant Media Buyer/Planner, Mallory Mauser, said FedEx is one of her favorite logos because it is sneakily cleaver.  “It took me years before I noticed the arrow hidden between the E and X,” she said. 

Wesley Bates, director of Public Relations, said a logo that is iconic in his mind is Maserati. “I like the homage to the gods with the use of poseidon’s trident for the Maserati logo,” he said. 


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