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Top 10 Memorable Takeaways from Advention 2017

AAF’s District 10 Advention was this past week and we spent the day soaking up all the knowledge we could from the insightful speakers. In honor of District 10 (Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas) we listed the top 10 most memorable takeaways:

  1. “Over 400 hours of YouTube content are uploaded every 10 minutes.”  Video content is being produced and consumed at a rapid rate, and shows no indication of slowing down. How can we increase video output, while maintaining quality content?
  2. Design is irrelevant without the right content. Be snagging, relevant and concise. Leave them wanting more.
  3. Brand awareness is key. Always be looking for opportunities to get your product in front of people.
  4. Push the boundaries of what’s been done before.
  5. Best practices for video content, specifically on Facebook:
    • Capture the audience immediately
    • Design video to be viewed with sound off
    • Frame your visual story: vertical, not horizontal
    • Make brand known within first few seconds of video
    • Try captions
    • Add visual surprises
  6. The best product designers will distill complex problems into simple and usable product experiences that serve users in a way that is functional and delightful. Provide value to those who visit your website.
  7. Designers shouldn’t work alone. Diverse teams made of different agency disciplines bring a unique perspective to the business.
  8. You won’t always get it right the first time. “In order to make great stuff, you have to make bad stuff.” – Doug Renfro
  9. Because people are increasingly consuming TV on the go, Nielsen is working toward wearables to get even more accurate user data, which would double their sample size in the top 25 markets.
  10. The human brain is hardwired to process images 60,000 times faster than words.

Which Advention takeaway do you plan on implementing first?

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