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The Second Day of Christmas

In the days leading up to Christmas, we’ll be sharing some of our favorite Christmas commercials here at the WD.

The 1996 M&M’s Christmas commercial was selected by data scientist Dr. Cassidy Newton.

Here’s why Cassidy chose this ad: “In 1996, M&M’s premiered a Christmas commercial where the red and yellow M&M’s are sneaking into a living room with some red and green M&M’s, and come across Santa Claus. Santa turns around to see them, and then both Santa and the red M&M pass out from disbelief that the other actually exists. This commercial still runs during Christmas time. How many commercials can run every season for 20 years and still be effective and cherished? It is just not Christmas until you see the M&M’s / Santa commercial. This commercial is timeless, and has become a landmark of the season. It really ties their product to Christmas!”

(VP of integrated media Jenny Manning also chose this commercial because… Christmas!)


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