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The Real Super Bowl Countdown

The Super Bowl is on its way. The Seattle Seahawks’ nasty defense will be pitted against the ever-so-offensive Denver Broncos in a battle for the ages. It will be Peyton Manning’s old-school-cool versus Russell Wilson’s young flash. And while millions will be tuning in to the battle at hand, another battle rages beyond the football field: the battle for your attention.

Some people watch the Super Bowl strictly for the commercials — and nothing against them for it. This is the advertising battle-royal. Agencies save all of their best efforts for this grand event, and let their talents shine. You might not find a more entertaining four-hour block of television … unless you catch the Twilight Zone marathon on the Fourth of July.

In recent years, the commercials have become more and more epic. Some companies, such as GoDaddy, use shock value to grab our attention, Doritos asks their consumers to make commercials for them, and Bud Light makes a minute long movie. Last year they told us to do “whatever it takes” with their Lucky Chair spot featuring Stevie Wonder and Zoe Saldana, and this year … well … we’re not quite sure, but unlike other brands, we have an idea.

Bud Light has made four short trailers for their Super Bowl commercial. Commercials for a commercial? Yeah, we don’t get it either. One spot contains Arnold Schwarzenegger playing ping-pong. Another features Don Cheadle and a llama, and the other two star Reggie Watts, a not-so-well-known musician/comedian who utilizes a loop machine to make the music that he sings/raps over (side note: I’ve seen him in concert — it’s rad). All the spots end with the hash tag #UpForWhatever, and they all are, somehow, supposed to culminate in what will be Bud Light’s Super Bowl commercial. Bud Light has actually purchased three slots, two of which will involve the celebrities above, among lots of others, and Bud Light will reveal their new tagline, “The perfect beer for whatever happens.”

It seems that Bud Light might be going with a current trend in commercials, random-ridiculous-awkwardness. Brands such as Skittles and Old Spice have been utilizing this style for a few years now, and it seems to appeal most to millennials. Bud Light has even come out and said that its new campaign “will try to reflect Millennial values like optimism and the desire to go out there and experience the world.”

In a time of DVRs and smart phones, it’s easy to miss things. Looking up the number to Pizza Hut while fast-forwarding through commercials makes waiting for the game to restart a little less painful — but on Super Bowl Sunday, no one is fast-forwarding. Or, at least you shouldn’t be. To paraphrase Bud Light, “You just might like whatever happens.”

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