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The 10 Best Things About a Texas Summer

Ah, summertime in Texas. Those three scorching months seem to inspire a sense of invincibility — the idea that summertime requires more frolicking and less sleep. We’ve shed our jackets and scarves and have emerged into tan line-covered, sweet tea sippin’ butterflies. So, what makes a Texas summer the best kind of summer out there? Here are my 10 Best Things About a Texas Summer:

1.     The necessity of frozen treats. No longer are sno cones, banana splits, trips to Eskimo Hut, or a DQ double dip a novelty — they become absolutely necessary in order to survive.

2.     Rationalizing spending every night on a patio. Hey, that order of bottomless chips and salsa isn’t going to eat itself.

3.     Texas barbecue. All day, every day — breakfast, lunch and dinner. Pair it up with #2’s patio and you’ve got a pretty amazing night ahead of you.

4.     Drive-in movies. Pop down the tailgate at the Coyote Drive-In, enjoy one of those frozen treats I was talking about and relax with the Fort Worth skyline at your fingertips.

5.     Summertime parties. Burgers on the grill, a cold drink in your hand, the smell of bug spray lingering in the air and the nighttime lull of a tree full of cicadas … memories in the making.

6.     A frozen schooner filled to the top with ZiegenBock. You’d be hard-pressed to find a better frosty ZiegenBock schooner than at Railhead (same goes for the BBQ).

7.     The temperature shock of going from the movie theater to outside. You’ve spent two freezing hours sitting in a sticky chair and finally get to open that door to the outside. For those treasured few minutes there is nothing better than the hot Texas sun cascading down those sunburned shoulders. Caution: the seatbelt buckle has no problem taking away your happiness.

8.     Cowboy boots. Wearing cowboy boots is not only good lookin’, it’s encouraged here in the beautiful State of Texas no matter what the temperature. A cotton dress and your favorite pair of boots? Adorable.

9.     The instant mood lift of driving with the windows down. Blast your favorite sunny, party time music and cruise.

And #10?  In all fairness, numbers 1 — 9 were in no particular order. Number 10, however, is quite possibly the very best thing about any Texas summer. The kind of thing about which songs are written. Ready?

It’s the majesty and luster that is a Texas sunset — cotton candy pinks, cerulean blues, turquoise greens, royal purples and Longhorn orange seamlessly swirling and living together on the most romantic, breathtaking big sky canvas. There’s nothing else like it.

Sorry, inhabitants of the other 49 states … you can keep your lo-fi, toaster, valencia and earlybird for when the sun goes down in your state. Our Texas twilight doesn’t need an Instagram filter.


Photo:  White Bluff, Whitney

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