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Farewell, WD Summer Interns

Each summer, WD brings in college interns to give them some real-world agency experience. They’re not just fetching coffee – they are vital parts of our team, bringing new perspectives to projects and culture. 

We picked the brains of three of our interns before they left: account service interns, Towner and Allison, and our data sciences intern, Will. Towner is from Fort Worth, but now attends Texas A&M University studying communications, and Allison is from Grapevine, but currently studies marketing and corporate communications at Baylor University. Will is also from Fort Worth, and currently attends The University of Texas, studying mathematics with minors in economics, business, and data analysis.


Why did you decide on an internship at WD?

Allison: After taking an advertising class this last semester at Baylor, I was very interested in the world of advertising and the role of the advertising agencies. When it came down to deciding on the agency, I chose Warren Douglas because of its unique culture, small size and professional touch.

Towner: I was looking for the opportunity to experience advertising in a fun environment and my visit to the office convinced me this was the place to find that.

Will: Knowing I would return home to Fort Worth for this summer, I began seeking out paid internship opportunities in my hometown last spring. Warren Douglas presented the perfect opportunity: a vibrant, local ad agency that deals with a wide range of clients. Because of my desire to learn more about the field of data analytics, I was placed in the Data Sciences division of Warren Douglas which is primarily responsible for SEM.


What were you hoping to learn during your time at WD?

A: I was hoping to gain a better understanding of the business world and how each department in an ad agency functions together to create campaigns.

T: I was excited to see the psychology and analytics that go into marketing and advertising, but ultimately I was hoping to learn if advertising was a career I could see myself pursuing and enjoying.

W: I have interned in the marketing division of a mid-level industrial company before and was the head of marketing for a small local business during my last year of high school, but manipulating and analyzing massive amounts of data from Google was something I never experienced before. My time with that division really gave me a grasp of what big data analysis actually looks like in a business setting.


Do you think you’ll want to work at an agency once you graduate?

A: Yes! After my experience this summer at Warren Douglas, I can confidently say that I would love to pursue a job at an ad agency.

T: I could see myself working at an agency. So far, I’ve enjoyed it immensely.   

W: Although my time with WD was wonderful, I do not believe that I will be pursuing advertising or marketing as a long-term career.


Are there any things that stood out to you while you were here?

A: Warren Douglas has a very welcoming work environment and cohesive staff. They have a unique dynamic and strong cohesion that is evident in the way they work together.

T: The people and the culture at Warren Douglas are unmatched. I cannot imagine a more friendly, encouraging, and supportive company to work for.

W: Over the course of the summer, I developed a sense for how an agency operated with all of its moving parts and people. Warren Douglas excels at making their environment welcoming, warm, and interesting, while at the same time pursuing what they do with excellence. This combination made my time at WD the best internship I have had yet!


Did this internship help you decide on the direction of your professional future?

A: This internship definitely helped me narrow down the type of professional career I want to pursue. I know that I want to find a job that deals directly with clients. I love the communication side of business and would love to incorporate that into my future career. I also came to see just how important the office environment and leadership is to one’s experience in the professional world.

T:  It helped me realize the impact people around me can have on my attitude. My professional future will hopefully be full of people who care about my success and push me to improve.

W: I’ve decided to pursue my originally intended career path of quantitative analysis with finance or investment banking.


Any surprises?

A: It was surprising to see just how important attention to detail is in an industry like advertising. This definitely showed me the value in performing those little tasks in order to achieve the highest level of professionalism.

T: I wasn’t expecting to wake up every morning excited to sit at a desk for eight hours. Every other job I’ve worked has eventually become repetitive or uninteresting, but every day at Warren Douglas offered something new and exciting.

W: I was not expecting the amount of free food I got as an intern. WD stuffs you with food and makes you feel comfortable so you don’t want to leave them. It almost worked on me!


What’s your dream career?

A: Marketing Manager for a professional sports team

T: Fightin’ Texas Aggie Football Coach

W: If money, time, and talent were not objects, then I would jump wholeheartedly into a career as a musician, whether that was as a touring member of a band, or as a producer/writer.


What was your favorite thing about your time at WD?

A: My favorite thing was the hands-on experience and knowledge I gained from being in the office. Even from something as small as sitting in on a meeting, I was able to learn so much about communication etiquette and the process of creating, revising and presenting ad campaigns to the clients.

T:  My favorite part of the internship was being thrown out of my comfort zone. Whether that be running point on new projects or hand modeling in a cooking video, WD brought out qualities in me I never knew I had.

W: By far, my favorite thing was the people. The work was great and meaningful, but the people of Warren Douglas make the agency what it is. Every single one of them is amazing, friendly, and welcoming.



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