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What does a social media specialist do?

“I love Facebook! I could definitely work in social media!”

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard that said by acquaintances when they hear what line of work I’m in. I mean, how hard is it to write a Facebook post or have a career in social media?

A passion and enthusiasm for social media is definitely a good start but the truth is, there is far more to managing social media for brands than meets the eye. And a lot more time, research and effort has gone into that beautiful Instagram shot that appears in your feed. But if that image (discreetly posted by a social media specialist thousands of miles away) makes you stop for a just second, long enough to read the caption, and if you like that caption and image enough to tap it, then this might be the start of a beautiful relationship. In fact, if you’re already following that brand, or maybe you were “served” a post that resonated strongly with you even though you weren’t previously following the company, then you’re further down the rabbit hole than you might think.

So what goes into managing social media for brands?

At Warren Douglas, we work with a number of premium brands that have acknowledged the importance of having full-time social media services. There are various roles in this rapidly growing field, from social media specialists, to online community managers, social media marketing managers and SEO specialists. In large firms, there could be a team of people fulfilling these roles. In smaller businesses, one person might be expected to wear all of those hats.

But how did that Facebook post appear in your timeline? What went on behind-the-scenes that led to that moment?

What follows is a very brief overview of an incredibly detailed social media strategy process, and some of the day-to-day tasks for our social media team.

Infographic by Warren Douglas Advertising

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