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Quinoa: Delicious in Soups, Salads and Sales

There are two characteristics that are required for me to love any advertisement at any time in history, about any product ever. Ads must be loved if watched over and over again because, let’s face it, commercial breaks are repetitive and I want my three minutes to be enjoyable, not annoying (I’m talking to you, Milestone Electric and TexasLending.com).

Also, they must be emotionally provoking — make me laugh, cry, want something, or call me to action because I’m just so amped.

To entice you even more, I’ll provide more vague information concerning Liz’s favorite advertisement:  this ad involves football and beer — both of which bring me enjoyment.

Drumroll, please! My favorite ad at the moment is … Bud Light’s Quinoa commercial. Hilarity ensues when this one comes on; in fact, I always laugh. This laugh is not a giggle or a “Ha, that’s creative.” No, it’s a hearty laugh — the best kind.

Why do I love this ad so much? Besides the tailgate setup, I love it because it reflects a personal struggle of mine. I’ve gone blue in the face trying to explain to friends and loved ones just what this fad of quinoa is all about. No, it’s not rice or barley or some creepy vegan concoction. It’s actually a seed that comes from a quinoa plant, so it’s much tastier and more beneficial than rice.

Next, this commercial pulls at a worldwide common thread — the superstition behind “it’s not weird if it works.” That’s why I always wear my lucky jean skirt when I watch Da Bears (if only I had worn it this past Sunday when they lost to the Lions…the LIONS! UGH!). He eats the quinoa patty because last time he ate what “tastes like a dirty old tree branch” his team won the game.

Bud Light totally nailed it with this commercial. It’s funny, reflective of the culture, timely and quotable. “It’s a ‘kween-o’.” He’s so proud in his decision (and mispronunciation), as if he is solely responsible for the team’s future win.

I dig it, Bud Light. Even if I’m not a fan of your beer, I will always be a fan of that commercial. Except now all I can think about is whipping up a batch of “keen-wah” when I get home. Yum.


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