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Perusing the 2014 Creative Crystal Ball

Another new year brings another round of new resolutions and predictions.

As a working creative professional, I once again resolve to continue trying to push the ad envelope, while at the same time appeasing both clients and account service (this, I know, is right up there with resolving to breed unicorns, but I can dream, right?). But I digress…

In regard to predictions for the new year as they relate to the advertising business and our creative product, it’s a much tougher proposition, but I’ll give it a shot. Here goes:

(1)  Commercials will continue to get edgier and raunchier. By this, I predict we’ll continue to see more and more TV spots that resemble European efforts: more skin, more innuendo, more SEX. Because as we all know, sex sells, right?

(2)  Commercials will be less and less shy about skirting polarizing social issues. So, I believe we’ll see more same-sex couples, more mixed-race couples and families, and now that marijuana is legal in Colorado, possibly even some work that leverages the nation’s new attitudes about pot. (For snacks and candy, the mind reels w/ possible tie-in concepts!)

(3)  Commercials will continue the current (awful) trend of wasting the viewer’s time and the brand’s money with vague/non-existent ideas heavy on ambiguity, special effects or innuendo (or all of the above). This will result in even more ineffective work that produces nothing but confusion and head scratching, versus tangible sales results.

And there you have it. One creative guy’s prediction for the coming year in advertising. Hopefully, I’ll be more wrong than right, and we’ll instead see brilliant creative work based solely on great ideas, versus social trends or media hype. But I’m way too much of a realist to truly believe that.

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