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Liz’s Tips for a Successful Christmas

1.  Decorate everything — Put lights on your staircase, the family pet, your balcony, the bushes, trees and any structure in the front or backyard. The key here is NOT to leave them up past January 1. Also, large inflatable Christmas characters are available for purchase pretty much everywhere (the snow globe is my personal favorite). Take heed when it comes to nativity scenes or those light-up movable deer, as neighborhood rascals like to target these during nighttime horseplay.

2.  Never stop cooking — November and December are the two months out of the year where it’s socially acceptable to eat everything in sight because come January, we’re going on a New Year’s diet, right? Personally, I wish my mom didn’t have a job so she could stay home all day cooking chicken soup and baking pumpkin bars and peanut butter buckeyes, but, alas, Julie’s a busy lady. When it comes to Christmas dinner the biggest piece of meat you can cook is the best choice whether it is lamb, ham or the big ol’ turkey. Ensuring the family dinner will be uncomfortable for a vegetarian is the goal.

3.  Don’t show up empty-handed — No matter whether you’re headed to the in-laws, going to grandma’s for dessert or attending a get together with friends, bring something to the party. This can be a pie, cookies, wine, liquor, or a poinsettia — anything. A nice bottle of wine or liquor is always a good choice because the holidays is also about being in the same house for a lengthy period of time with your crazy family, making a glass of wine the perfect little somethin’.

4.  Get ready for some football — There are few things better than bundling up in your favorite team’s hoodie, beer in hand, fuzzy socks on, and the cheese and crackers within arms’ reach. Even if you’re not a football fan, everyone else is so it’s important to be mindful of their traditions while providing a football-friendly environment (and don’t slack on the cracker refills, K?) In order to be prepared properly for football, you MUST have stretchy pants (see #2) because there’s going to be copious amounts of food and you don’t want to be stuck on the couch in a pair of starchy Levi’s.

5.  Start some traditions — I can’t stress this enough. Some folks go to midnight mass on Christmas Eve, drink hot chocolate while checking out that crazy house with all the lights, create their nuttiest “Elf on the Shelf” situations, or simply wake up and open presents before doing anything else. Tradition has a silly way of being that one thing that makes Christmas so special; it’s that quirk only your family has. Everyone will decorate the tree or make snow angels in the front yard, but not every family has covered themselves in the torn wrapping paper for a photo-op every year since the kids were in diapers.


I hope these tips help you celebrate Christmas in the greatest way possible — doing fun stuff with the people you love. And remember, the holiday season only comes once a year and it’s unavoidable, so you might as well embrace it!


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