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I Won’t Stand For This

Several years ago our agency made a much needed seating upgrade.

Our old, dilapidated chairs were replaced by sleek, new designs of ergonomic awesomeness. They were wonders of function and adjustability: tilt, swivel, up, down, arms, lumbar, and tension. Their range of personal customization was almost infinite. Finally, I had an office chair that fit my size and preferred seating style: kicked back and stretched out, my keyboard perfectly at hand.

Put simply, it was wonderful. My chair ship had finally come in.

Fast forward to today. A strange, new apparatus has suddenly invaded our agency: a slab of black Formica connected to a base by adjustable arms.

At rest, it appears to be nothing more than an innocuous, high-tech work surface. But when it’s elevated into position, it becomes the bane of seated comfort and the epitome of office hip. It is, the Stand Up Desk.

Standing while working? What’s the deal? Well, it’s all about health. Because someone declared that sitting was the “new smoking,” and that imminent death awaited anyone having the gall to remain seated during the day. So now standing means you care about your health and want to live forever.

The stand up desk trend started quietly in our digital group, where all things are bleeding edge and up to the nanosecond current. Then, a few creative department members picked up on it. After that, every department in the agency got involved. Now a majority of WD employees are employing a mix of standing and sitting while working, going up and down throughout the day like slow-motion jack-in-the-boxes.

As for me, I’ll be sitting out this trend. I’ve seen and felt first-hand what hours standing on concrete can do to your feet, legs and back. Furthermore, I’m just now getting my cool ergo chair broken in. And I certainly couldn’t be expected to give up on it now … could I?




(*Photo:  The author enjoying his nice, comfy POV)

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