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Our favorite movie posters

Movie posters can stand the test of time and resonate with you, even as early as your childhood. Several Warren Douglas team members can attest to this when asked to name their favorite poster designs.

Do you prefer the iconic feeling of old or the newly designed modern movie posters? We can smell the popcorn popping and we are craving another trip to the movie theater. Scroll down to view our favorite movie posters.


“I remember staring at this movie poster as a kid and trying to master their facial expressions,” said Megan Dobbertien, senior account executive. “They all just seemed so mischievous and I wanted to capture that in the expressions I was trying to learn as a kid. Plus, Bill Gold (the designer) is a mastermind.”


She said Beetlejuice was, hands down, her favorite movie as a kid. Dobbertien has also been to the Beetlejuice show at Universal Studios at least 15 times. “Obsessed just scratches the surface,” Dobbertien said. “What I love about the movie poster is its attempt to highlight the underlying dark tone the viewer sees throughout the movie. Ironically, it never gave me nightmares.”


“I always liked the simplicity of both the Alien, Full Metal jacket and Hook posters,” Ryan Harvey, senior graphic designer, said. “I also picked the Aladdin poster since it was a favorite of mine as a kid.”




“I like the simplistic style of objects forming other objects,” Mitch Topliss, production manager, said. “The Goonies poster isn’t this style, but it is just a classic and has to be mentioned!”

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Alex Brotman, UX strategist, said, “ET was so iconic that it became the logo for Amblin Entertainment – Steven Spielberg’s production company,” he said. “When I see the poster, I hear the theme song playing in my head.” He said Raiders of the Lost Ark was the ultimate comic-book-style adventure poster.


Content Specialist, Ellyn Kile, said, “Wes Anderson is brilliant and a hipster, and his movies are so intriguing.” She believes that although the casting in this film (Les Miserables) could have been better, the music scores just take your breathe away.


“Bob Fosse choreographed this musical (Chicago) and he is my all-time favorite choreographer,” she said. “His ideas and style brought a brand new perspective to the art of dance and the actors in this film did an outstanding job performing his unique style!”


Public Relations Director, Wesley Bates, said, “It shouldn’t be hard to spot a common theme with these movies. This is primarily because, when I was a kid, I wanted to be an astronaut.”


Share with us your favorite movie posters and tell us what you think of our list. We can smell the popcorn popping and we are craving another trip to the movie theater.

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