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Day 7 of our 12 Ads of Christmas!

In the days leading up to Christmas, we’ll be sharing some of our favorite Christmas commercials here at the WD.

Web Developer Alex Brotman selected the 2015 John Lewis Christmas ad – “The Man on the Moon.”

Here’s why Alex chose this commercial: “The ad is for John Lewis, a retailer in the UK. Being the father of daughters, the ad really resonates with me. For kids, the typical focus of the holiday season is on getting presents. In this heartwarming commercial, the focus is instead on a little girl putting all her energy into making a lonely “man on the moon” feel part of the festivities, despite the distance. The commercial emphasizes community with an evocative plea to help lonely souls feel more welcomed, and it’s not until the end that we even know who is behind the ad. The whole experience tugs at my fatherly heartstrings.”


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