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Automattic WooThemes Acquisition

On May 19th, Automattic announced their acquisition of WooThemes. While this isn’t the first time Automattic has bought a company already dedicated to building WordPress plugins, it does open the door for new and exciting things in WordPress ecommerce specifically.

Automattic, led by WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweg, is primarily known as the company behind WordPress.com, and WooThemes is the creator of WooCommerce, one of the most popular ecommerce services for WordPress. This purchase is likely being made in response to a steep climb in online purchasing over the last several years and the widespread hope that creating simple storefronts will soon be as easy and accessible as creating simple websites.

So what will this change? At present, this acquisition is not likely to change how WooCommerce and WordPress work together, but what it will change is the resources available to WooThemes so they can create even better programs and plugins for the WordPress.com platform. This could mean a seamless ecommerce experience without all the coding typically involved in bringing the two services together.

The Warren Douglas development team, who often recommend WordPress and have been working with WooCommerce for payment processing, may have to keep an eye on this situation. While this union will give WooThemes more resources, it’s possible those resources will be going primarily towards the WordPress.com platform and not the hosted WordPress CMS. While the plugins and themes already located in the Plugin store are great, it would be unfortunate if they didn’t upgrade with each WordPress version.

But I’m personally hopeful. I would like to see more projects aside from just WooCommerce. Already, WooThemes has plugins for testimonials, portfolios, sliders, and even educational resources. I would like to see them branch out in those other directions as well. Sliders have been done a million times by a million people but improvements to their Sensei plugin would be great. I’m also hopeful that they’ll start new projects and create things that they haven’t had for WordPress in the past and push the boundaries of what a website can accomplish. Customizable storefronts for WooCommerce would be nice, of course, but this boon of resources could mean even bigger things for WooThemes and bigger things for WordPress Developers everywhere.

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