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At a Glance: The Annual Topics & Trends Report from Facebook IQ

Facebook has used its practically omniscient perspective to create a comprehensive trend report featuring the topics and conversations poised to go big in 2018. Some consumers might find the extent of Facebook’s knowledge of our lives intrusive, but smart marketers know that that this data is a content gold mine (see it for yourself here https://goo.gl/3KnaQw ).

Our team was eager to dig into this wealth of information, and as we combed through each category, we noticed that a clear theme across all industries is convenience, dipped in personalization.

For years convenience was interpreted by consumers and marketers as “fast” and “cheap,” meaning that quality was almost always sacrificed.

But with the never-ending advancements of technology, these lines have been blurred. Consumers expect quality products at reasonable prices, shipped in 2 days or less. In 2018, convenience isn’t just measured by how easy something is, but how easy something is for you personally.

Instead of fast food and shopping centers, convenience now rears its head in the form of subscription boxes, streaming services, and food delivery apps.


So what does this mean for marketers?

It’s not enough to offer a great product and plaster pictures of it across the Internet.

Consumers expect ads to not only showcase the product, but also how the product fits into and enhances their lives. Digital advertising has made it easier than ever to place your product in front of the right audience at the right time, so marketers have the opportunity and the responsibility of using these moments to communicate just how well their product matches the modern consumer’s expectations of convenience and personalization.

Warren Douglas has been leveraging this trend in our marketing practices using data and audience insights in campaign strategies across all platforms.

While Facebook wrapped up these insights with a pretty bow, 2018 will be the year for marketers to keep their ears to the ground, following their consumers’ conversations and anticipating their expectations of convenience.

*Photo: http://zachkuzmic.com/img/blog/prototyping-one-tool-to-rule/GFC.png

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