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Newton’s Know-How Provides ‘Big Bang’ for WD Clients

(Fort Worth, TX) — Warren Douglas Creative Brand Marketing, one of the fastest growing full service advertising, marketing and public relations agencies in the Southwest, has hired Dr. Cassidy Newton, as the firm’s new business analyst. Cassidy, who just simultaneously completed her MBA and Ph.D. in Physics at Texas Christian University, brings a whole new perspective to the WD team.

Among Cassidy’s responsibilities is quantifying and qualifying the information gathered through the agency’s proprietary Premium Brand Index. The PBI, designed to help engender lateral thought about brands and their consumers, utilizes measured data on more than 6,000 brands and their consumers across hundreds of categories. Applying the PBI’s unique methodology in analyzing the data can define a relationship between the consumers’ attitudes, behaviors, and the brands they ultimately select.

“Cassidy may be aptly named for her Ph.D. in Physics, but she’s also an MBA with marketing on her mind,” said Warren Douglas CEO Douglas Briley. “Her zest for all things numeric adds up to keen strategic insight on the volumes of marketing data so critical to our client work, but so daunting to decipher.

“Her equal ability to converse in depth on the mysteries of the space/time continuum just adds to her charm, as well as our office references to ‘The Big Bang Theory’.”

A native of San Angelo, Cassidy’s past experience teaching physics and astronomy and as the director of Angelo State

University’s Planetarium are serving her well in the new marketing universe.

“Whether dealing with physics or marketing, the most effective methods lie in the ability to peer into an infinite universe, analyze the ways the components interact and inspire each other and develop theories for the best next actions and reactions,” said Newton. “I love that my job is about thinking through strategic solutions to the next client or brand challenge, before it is even upon us.”

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