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Warren Douglas Beefs Up Digital Teams Due to Immense Growth


Warren Douglas promotes within and adds hire to support immense growth in digital departments


Fort Worth, TX (November 15, 2017) – Warren Douglas Advertising (WD) recently promoted within and re-hired in digital and data teams for quarter four, and continues to celebrate Google Premier Partnership.

Alex Brotman, director of software development, has rejoined the WD after a few months away. As a UX strategist, and with his educational background, he’s no stranger to choosing the proper “language” to which an audience will respond. Brotman has a master’s degree in applied linguistics from the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom, and a bachelor’s degree in Japanese from The University of California.

Jantzen Moeller was recently promoted to marketing analyst at the agency. A graduate from Oregon State University, he culls through dozens of data sources to see what’s working (and what’s not) in digital campaigns, providing deep insights and opportunities for optimization. Moeller uses his knowledge of qualitative and quantitative data, along with his marketing background, to make strategic moves for the client.

Our aptly named Cassidy Newton not only has a Ph.D. in Physics, but she’s also an MBA with marketing on her mind. Newton was recently promoted to vice president, data sciences. Her love for all things numeric adds up to a keen strategic insight on the volumes of marketing data so critical to our clients, but often so daunting to decipher.

Newton also heads the agency’s Premier Partnership with Google, the highest designation given by Google.

“The Google Premier Badge recognizes companies that excel with Google products, and is reserved only for agencies that surpass our highest requirements,” said Isha Vij, an agency development manager at Google. “They are product experts, diversified in their knowledge, and use only the best practices for their clients.”

Benefits of being a Google Premier Partner include:

  • First to test new Google tools and products
  • Training at Google headquarters
  • Google support on campaigns – launch, optimization and reporting
  • Direct line to Google account managers in case of urgent issues

While the agency uses these to their advantage, clients will experience secondhand the perks of WD’s new partnership status. Not only do clients have the eyes of the WD team on their account, Google is involved in every step of the campaign process – research, build, launch, optimization and reporting – plus the implementation of Google tools that are still in beta testing.






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Founded in 1998, Warren Douglas Advertising delivers data-inspired advertising, marketing, digital, and integrated media services to premium brands around the world. The WD has also achieved the highest designation from Google as a Premier Partner. The award-winning Fort Worth-based agency provides a destination for marketing that helps brands thrive and grow to a front-runner status. Follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat and like us on Facebook.



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