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Drew Allen Joins Associate Advisory Council at McCombs School of Business

Fort Worth, TX (November 2019) – Warren Douglas is proud to announce that Chief Strategy Officer Drew Allen was asked to join the Center for Leadership and Ethics (CLE) Associate Advisory Council of the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas.

Allen earned his MBA from McCombs School of Business, a top 20 business school in the nation, after six years of working on the front lines of business as a consultant with Accenture. He sees his involvement in the advisory board as a way to give back to the program.

“I knew coming out of McCombs what a positive impact it had on my career, but it also had a positive impact on my life. I’m glad to have the opportunity to give back,” said Allen. “I’m also excited about working alongside Stacey Rudnick [the Director of the CLE]. I have a tremendous amount of respect for her.”

The feeling seems to be mutual. “Drew is one of my favorite former students and an engaged alumnus,” Rudnick said. “I approached Drew to become an Associate Council Member for the Center for Leadership and Ethics at McCombs because we are a newer research center and I felt his expertise in branding and marketing would be particularly helpful.”

“I felt he would bring the strength of deep knowledge of the MBA Program, as well as a corporate perspective on what is needed in terms of leadership and ethics on the job at all levels within the company,” Rudnick continued. “I have followed Drew’s career since his internship as an MBA. His marketing success has had as much to do with his people skills as with his strong marketing and analytical skills, which is why I thought he would be such an asset.”

The Center for Leadership and Ethics is an interdisciplinary initiative advancing research and education in business. By focusing on cutting-edge research and innovative content, CLE works to foster life-changing educational experiences that will change the way leaders lead.

Allen’s involvement with CLE also positively impacts his work with clients at Warren Douglas.

“We hear from great guest speakers and other people on the board, so we discuss emerging topics as well as leadership and ethics in the business world with others who are in the trenches,” Allen said.

Other Associate Advisory Council members include:

  • Anne Robillard (Chair), Director of Business Development, M Gale & Associates
  • Lisa Fancher Blonkvist, Senior Vice President, Morgan Stanley
  • John Briscoe, Energy Consulting
  • Max Brodsky, Business Development, Bread Finance
  • Emily Dreyer, Director of Global Real Estate Strategy, Dell
  • Dave Hendrix, Senior Vice President, Sailpoint
  • Andy Mathis, Business Development and Partnerships, Oculus/Facebook


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