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What’s the Big Idea?

Seen any great ads for premium brands lately?
Yeah, me neither.  Except, of course, everything we do here at the WD…lol.

Seriously, it seems you’re hard-pressed to find or recall ads these days which deliver on the Big Idea. An idea that’s so powerful, so moving or groundbreaking, that you can’t help but recall it, talk about it, or eagerly share it.

Instead, a lot of creative work seems to rely on an over-abundance of gimmicks or clichés.  This might include a heavy dose of special effects.  An expensive location.  An overpriced celebrity. Or, my pet-peeve, a long, drawn out gag leading to a lame punch line that’s only funny to the creative team but no one else.  In all of these so-called treatments, the true offer or message is often ignored, relegated to a small space or the last few seconds of a commercial.

I call this Lazy Creative (I should trademark that term).  It’s a creative concept bereft of anything truly creative or original.  It’s creative born of a focus group, or a marketing brief, or a sales objective…everything except a Big Idea.

Big Ideas, especially for a premium brand, don’t come easily.  They take digging.  Trial and error.  Hits and misses.  Long days and sleepless nights.  But when you arrive at one, you’ll know it.  And so will your clients.



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