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They Did the Marketer Mash

With Labor Day behind us and Summer entering its final days, the excitement just around the corner can be summed up in two magical words:  HALLOWEEN CANDY!

Here at Warren Douglas we are armed with a cadre of top-of-the-line cross-tabulation tools to inform our strategies and solve some of the most complicated marketing challenges. With the season of ghosts, goblins and sugary goodness almost upon us, we figured, why not leverage that valuable data to answer some of those pressing Halloween party planning questions?

While wandering amidst the prolific themed candy aisles decorating our warehouse stores, supermarkets and drug stores over the next two months, you must ask yourself:  which treat is guaranteed to prevent any Halloween tricks from coming your way? By turning to the MRI data tool to review the last six months of consumer purchase trends, we learned that in the last six months more than one-fourth of Americans made a weekly purchase of (drum roll, please) Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Coming in a close second was the never-fail, crowd pleaser Snickers bar, with approximately 23 percent of the population weekly buying the regular size variety. The data further clarified that more Reese’s and Snickers were eaten by kids in the age range of 12 — 17 than any other candy. With this information in hand, our professional opinion to potentially save your house from a brutal trick-or-treater egging is to think chocolate.

Now that the trick-or-treaters are satisfied, what about pleasing your adult(ish) party guests? Of course, no Halloween party is complete without some sort of snack mix, and among the party mix brands all others still trail the granddaddy of them all, Chex-Mix. And on that nutty note, throw a big bag of Peanut M&Ms in your basket as well — they’re the clear winner among the ever-growing list of flavors M&Ms offers.

Finally, we offer a couple of marketing-inspired tips for those who hope to end this Halloween night with a kiss.  First, avoid the newer varieties Hershey has been putting on the shelf and stay loyal to the traditional plain chocolate kiss — it’s still the tried and true national favorite.  And second — and perhaps most importantly — don’t forget to save yourself that pre-kiss stick of the most popular gum:  Dentyne!


*Photo: photophonic/flickr

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