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The Rise of the Premium Machines: The Future Looks Robotic

At Warren Douglas Advertising, we specialize in helping premium brands thrive. We define a premium brand as one that can charge more within its category based on certain criteria – whether it’s superior materials, better ingredients, or a higher quality process by which it’s made or manufactured.

Which leads to me to consider what might be the next big premium brand category – the robot. It seems you can’t visit a news website or turn on the TV without a new report on the ever-increasing capability and function of robots and robot technology. Interested in a robot dog? They’re already up and running. Have a need for a robot that can fight? Or serve you a drink? They’re all out there, creeping closer and closer to actual mainstream realization.

Imagine this technology perfected, and the mind boggles – a machine that possesses the articulation and ability to perform complex tasks, strictly on your behalf! And all while displaying human-like characteristics in its movement or speech! Maybe it’s preparing your dinner, or maintaining your lawn and garden.

Perhaps it’s your opponent in a game of tennis, or taking your dogs on their nightly walk. Could a fully functioning robot be a part of our household’s future?

I believe the answer is absolutely, yes – and then some. Because we might eventually find reasons to have more than one personal robot. Sure, a personal butler or gardener-style robot to mow my lawn would be sweet, but why stop there? Why not a robot partner? Or a robot child? Crazy? Maybe not.

Already we’re seeing in-roads being made in this technology through self-driving cars. As well, many in the robotics industry are touting the possibility of healthcare robots, tasked with caring for the sick or elderly on an hourly basis. Just recently, Dominos Pizza announced plans for a robot delivery service. What’s this world coming to?

Well, I’ll tell you: the world is coming to realize robots are here to stay. And I predict any number of brands will soon be jockeying for position in this exciting and somewhat scary new category. The competition for these premium brand dollars will be keen. Electronic giants like such as Samsung, LG and Sony will offer better features and greater capabilities in robots of all shapes and sizes, and that will begin driving more and more demand for the ultimate premium status symbol of their time.

I, for one, can hardly wait. But, until then, I guess I still have to mow my own lawn.


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