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Social Media Strategies for Premium Brands

Strategic objectives define any and all social media actions and results, especially for premium brands. They provide insight into who is talking about a brand, what they think about, and it is the strategy team’s job to provide them something to do—which depends on the end-goal of the social media initiative.

Though it may seem rudimentary, a lot of brands are unable to determine the best way to use social media to gain a positive return on investment. Or, even worse, just think of a great idea and don’t build it into the overall marketing strategic objectives of their brand. So, the best way to approach it is to concentrate on the strategies behind the actions, or tactics. Truthfully, this one streamlined marketing approach is what can separate a premium brand from the pack.

For a brand starting out in social media, it can be hard to define what kinds of strategies can be accomplished via social media channels. These often fall into one of the following categories:

  • Brand Awareness — increase the awareness of your product, brand or offering
  • Build Community — create a community of advocates devoted to your brand identity, values, and product offerings
  • Customer Activation — engage with new users to funnel them to a sales channel to purchase a retail item
  • Generate Leads — engage with new users to funnel them to a sales team to close the deal
  • Customer Service — manage the existing relationship with up-to-minute responses and crises management

Social media can be overwhelming when considering it as a whole, so be sure to have strategic goals strapped tightly to any initiative to keep the creativity effectively aligned with overall objectives. While any brand can apply these principles, they are the building blocks upon which a premium brand must stand in order to execute and communicate with the premium consumer.

Social media is the easiest place for consumers to detect disorganization, fragmentation and plain lack of premium-ness … for lack of a better word. But it is also a growing opportunity for premium brands to shine in these strategic categories when executed properly.


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