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Premium Parking

Consider the average suburban garage. It’s typically designed to accommodate two cars, yet generally is used as a catchall space for washers and dryers, old furniture, boxes, bicycles, barbell sets, lawn mowers and everything else – EXCEPT our cars.

But for many, the suburban garage has become something else altogether. It’s been transformed into their favorite personal space – the most important area of their home. It’s a destination, an oasis, an escape from the world where they can showcase some of their most cherished possessions: their vehicles.

Garages have grown into some of the most opulent spaces found in American homes.

To lift the door on a serious auto aficionado’s garage is to enter an entirely new world of design and high-end functional industrial fashion. Forget the so-called “man caves.” In the 21st century, garages have become a mecca of male infatuation.

Let’s start at the bottom, so to speak. Today’s best garages almost always feature premium floors. These generally come in two forms. There are custom sealed and coated floors from brands such as Sani-Tred®. And, even fancier “tiled” garage floors from innovative brands like RaceDeck®. Both of these solutions provide three basic benefits.

The first is, of course, a very high-end appearance. Secondly, and more importantly, they provide better traction, or “grip.” And lastly, they are generally easier to clean up and less susceptible to staining. These deluxe floor options let you pick your favorite color or design. You can even match your floor to your vehicles. Once you have your garage floor designed and in-place, it’s time to move on to storage.

Now, let’s get organized. Gone are the days of old, wobbly, mismatched steel shelving or concrete blocks with 1×5” boards as shelves. In their place now stand gleaming modular cabinetry systems with sleek drawers, stainless countertops and enough cabinet space to hide a race team’s worth of spare parts and accessories. These high-end garage solutions from brands like Gladiator Garage Works® or Craftsman® are available in a range of colors and finishes, making it easy for the garage-lover to color-coordinate his cabinetry with other decor.

Next, let’s shift our garage space into an even higher gear. Today’s truly dedicated garage lover might have more than two cars to provide shelter for. Or, they might enjoy handling repair and maintenance themselves. So they might outfit their dream garage with its very own lift system. These space-saving but highly functional units from brands like Challenger Lifts® allow owners to raise a car into the air and leave it there. This provides an extra parking space beneath it, or room to work under the car more easily. Now THAT’S a premium garage space.

But that’s still not all. Today’s garages are also being outfitted with plenty of fluorescent or LED lighting. Many have flat screen TVs and sound systems. There might be a seating area with a small refrigerator within reach to relax with your fellow gear heads. And, it might all be accented even further with a variety of colorful automotive or petroleum signs and artifacts decorating the walls and spare surface space. Cars have never had it so good!

So the next time you’re trying to pull your car into your garage, think about all the benefits a little premium organization could provide. After all, the garage was designed to house and protect your valuable vehicles. Plus, you’re not really using that old barbell set anymore…are you?

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