Premium POV

Premium on a Budget? You Bet!

Too often, marketers of premium brands seem to believe that advertising their brand or service will be, much like their brand, a premium proposition. They assume that good advertising is simply “too expensive.” And all that production and photography and printing and interactive stuff is just fancy frosting that their cake doesn’t need to sell. So they opt to do only the bare minimum to scrape by. Or, worse yet, leave it to unqualified individuals who end up doing more to tarnish their premium offering than polishing it.

This mindset of “creative advertising = poor house” is unfortunate, because the exact opposite can be true. With the right strategy and the right creative thinking, it’s possible to both showcase and market a premium brand in a premium manner— all while adhering to the tightest of budgets.

A recent effort by our agency on behalf of a packaged goods client is a perfect example. This client enjoys one of the top spots in their category, with a loyal customer fan base its competition would die for. They’d ridden a long-lasting wave of word-of-mouth popularity, relying only on small marketing efforts they handled themselves. But in recent months their business had plateaued. For the first time in their history, they looked outside for marketing assistance. There was one caveat: the budget was tighter than a frog’s eyelids.

The solution we ultimately arrived at was as simple as it was fresh and unexpected. After finding the category cluttered with tired clichés and “me too” creative executions, we chose a 180º direction away from the norm. It was a direction that would celebrate the notion of “less being more.” And in doing so, we’d leverage two of the product’s best advantages: its packaging, and the emotional reaction the product causes in customers.

So to all those in charge of a premium brand who are wringing their hands over the expense of advertising, we say “fear not.” With the right marketing partner, the perfect creative solution for your offering does not require more dollars than you have sense.


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