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It’s no secret that in many homes, the kitchen is the heart of the house. It’s where family and friends inevitably gather, to chat and nibble and enjoy the casual informality that a kitchen setting graciously allows.

But kitchens are no longer your basic, functional arrangement of cabinets, a sink, stove, refrigerator and breakfast table. Now, with the advent of contemporary living and modern style, premium kitchens have risen to the design status of a living room or master bath. Combine that with the intense interest in gourmet cooking and food experiences, and you have kitchens that rival some commercial efforts.

The first thing you’ll notice in many premium kitchen settings is an abundance of sleek surfaces. Two of the most popular are stainless steel, or dark marble… or both. These are elegant complements to a more minimalist design where function is valued more than fashion. To showcase these materials, various premium woods are often specified for cabinets, flooring and smaller accents.  The overall effect is sophisticated, yet highly functional.

Then, to these elegant settings, a number of high-performance kitchen appliance brands are added.  Names like Sub-Zero Refrigerators, Viking Stoves or Wolf Ranges. Generally finished in stainless steel, these premium kitchen contenders let it be known that a true gourmand is at home in this kitchen.

But let’s not stop there. Today’s premium kitchens have other touches of luxury that would have Grandma shaking her head. Like a built-in coffee bar with coffee maker, espresso machine and a French press.

Or, how about a wood-fired brick oven for the gourmet baker?  Premium kitchen designers have begun adding them, for making bread, pizza and other fresh baked goods. Now that’s a hot premium culinary statement!

So, if you’re a premium brand in the kitchen, housewares or hard goods categories, there’s never been a better time to leverage your points of difference in marketing and social channels. It could very well become a new ingredient in your recipe for success.


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