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Premium Branding in Social Media: Part II — The Social Team

The phrase “It takes a village” is exemplified in the creation of a social media team. While not all organizations have the ability to assign tasks to an agency or to internal resources, there are a few roles that must be filled to have an effective team that can fulfill the goals and objectives of a premium brand’s social media initiative.

  • Agency Team Leader — The visionary who can layout the communications plan to fit the overall marketing plan and make sure that any tactic (promotion, coupon, giveaway) is in line with the overall objective, and monitors the “premium-ness” of all content; they can assign tasks, create personas, etc.
  • Client Team Leader — The gatekeeper to the client side. They assign internal resources, provide approvals, and add industry insight and goal-shifts.
  • Teamsters — Those who implement the plan through scheduling the posts, replying to comments, etc. These people can be from either the agency or client side.

Overall, one big obstacle between a team member and success is having the freedom to speak in the voice of the brand and for the brand. While it is ideal for the client to maintain control of these elements, it is not always practical to assign so much to one person, unless that is their only role within the organization. That’s why we at Warren Douglas work so hard to cultivate a relationship of trust with our clients by having guidelines, responses and cultural norms discussed at the beginning of any client/agency relationship. We take it as our job to make sure our premium clients are always seen in the best light.

Question: Do you have a social media team in place? What does that look like for your organization, and what have you seen as victories and pitfalls in social media management roles?

This post is the second in a series. See other posts on this topic here.


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