Premium POV

Marketing First, THEN Advertising!

There was a great column in a recent issue of Ad Age written by Al Ries, a marketing strategist. In the column, Mr. Ries suggests that, in many brands’ cases, it’s the marketing that’s broken, not the advertising. He writes “marketing’s job is to coordinate all the various disciplines inside a company in order to develop the right product, the right price, the right position, the right distribution strategy, and the right brand name. Advertising’s job is to position that brand name in the minds of consumers.”

He goes on to say, “Good marketing makes advertising relatively easy. Bad marketing makes advertising difficult, if not impossible.”

How true, how true.

Too often, marketers attempt to “fix” a premium brand simply by implementing a fresh ad approach.  And more often than not, the results are abysmal. Then what happens? The ad agency is dismissed and another is hired. When, in reality, it’s the marketing essentials that need work: relevancy, price, position, support and identity.

So before ordering up yet another glitzy advertising effort on behalf of your brand, take a peak behind its marketing curtain. And pay close attention to what you see there.


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