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Little Premiums in Life

Here at Warren Douglas Advertising, we specialize in marketing premium brands. Premium brands are products or services that offer customers something more than similar competitors in the same category.

Premium brands come in all shapes and sizes. They can be big items, like a car, boat, or lawnmower. They can be everyday items, like hot dogs, shampoo, or band-aids. And, believe it or not, premium brands can even be little stuff you can carry in your pocket.

That’s true in my case. Some of my favorite premium brands are found in a small collection of items I reach for on a regular basis. They are little things I value for their performance, precision and aesthetic appeal. Each never fails to work flawlessly and look cool while doing it. These are the little premiums in my life.

First up is the stainless and carbide steel masterpiece I slide into my Levi’s pocket everyday.

It’s my all-metal Buck locking blade knife. This made-in-the-USA beauty is a case study in sinister design and lethal capability. It’s robust, bordering on heavy, yet nicely balanced with pleasing ergonomics. And its razor-sharp blade will make quick work of virtually anything you need to cut.

I own other Buck knives, but this is my favorite. I’ve already granted it heirloom status, and look forward to passing it on to one of my sons. They will be lucky to have it. Because, in my opinion, Buck is one of the most premium knife brands in the world.

The next little premium in my life is my trusty MAGLITE® flashlight. Are you familiar with this brand?

It’s premium all the way, with a weighty aluminum tube body, precision machined threading on both ends, and a sealed switch for longevity. It has a special heft to it, thanks to its heavyweight construction and material. It looks like it means business with its all-black finish. And it cuts a wide, bright swath through the darkest night, thanks to its handy adjustable lens. The MAGLITE® is what a forever lifetime flashlight looks like and performs like. It’s also achieved heirloom status in my book and will be handed down like my Buck knife. MAGLITE® is the premium moniker in the portable light business, and I love mine.

Last but not least is the third member of my little Premium Holy Trinity: a classic Zippo lighter. Even though I gave up smoking long ago, I still make sure this premium fire starter is tucked safely in a pocket every day. Its sleek, metal shape and hard chrome finish feel just right, and it looks as timeless and authentic as it did decades ago – truly a classic design. The satisfying metallic “click” of its top opening or closing signals a premium function in action. And its bullet-proof performance, even in windy conditions, never fails to remind you of the premium nature of this All-American brand.

So keep your eye peeled for premium brands in action in your own lives. And don’t overlook them based solely on their stature. Because Buck Knives, MAGLITE® flashlights and Zippo lighters are proof positive that size has nothing to do with the premium nature of a brand. And everyone can use a little premium in their life.


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