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For the Love of Pets

Like animals? If so, then you need to meet Dr. Jan Pol. He’s the star of his very own cable reality show on Nat Geo Wild — “The Incredible Dr. Pol.”

Pol is a country vet, specializing in animals large and small.  He practices in a rural area of the Midwest, putting him in close proximity to all manner of farm, dairy and ranch operations. Formerly from the Netherlands, Dr. Pol is an-old school vet effortlessly performing small miracle after miracle for a clientele of 19,000 loyal customers.

By far, his largest number of patients come from the canine family. Pol sees every size, shape and age of dog imaginable on a daily basis.  Some are sick, some are hurt, some are pregnant, some are birthing and some are dying. Through every case, it becomes clear that Pol has a soft spot for pooches. Perhaps more importantly, he has a soft spot for their owners too.

Whether young or old, male or female, dog owners are a breed apart.

Their love and adoration for their pets knows no bounds, with sentiments ranging from “our dogs are our children” to “our dog is a member of the family” to “I couldn’t get along without him.”

Pet industry experts reinforce these sentiments. According to a recent article in “Pet Business,” Baby Boomers and Millennials alike are two of the fastest growing segments of pet care spending. Generation Y customers are delaying marriage and children, and opting instead to love and spoil a dog. And Baby Boomers rely more and more on their dogs for companionship, so they’ll freely spend on them to make their lives happier.

It’s always fun to watch these industry trends play out on a reality TV show.

But regardless, as a former farm boy and current multiple dog owner, I can’t get enough of the Doc’s vet heroics. From saving a struggling cow giving birth to a hapless hound with a mouthful of painful porcupine quills, Pol dispatches these crisis with a breezy confidence I find reassuring.

Because with guys like him in our corner, our love of pets is safe and sound.


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