Premium POV

Does Your Premium Brand Measure Up?

So, you’re in charge of a brand that you believe occupies a premium position within its respective category. Whether your belief is based on quality, heritage, status or  price,  you’re convinced it’s a premium offering.  And, you’re pretty sure everybody else knows it too.

But do they?  Is your brand truly premium in the minds of customers?

Our exclusive Premium Brand Index  can tell you.  It’s a proprietary measurement system we’ve created to accurately gauge the premium strength of a brand .  Unlike other brand measurement devices which rely on highly inaccurate subjective data, our process utilizes a variety of measurable objective facts to arrive at an honest index rating of premium status.

Sound too good to be true?  It’s not.  And it’s currently working for a number of premium brands.  If you’d like yours to be one of them, contact us at Warren Douglas today.


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