Premium POV

Can You Spot the Premium Brand?

Sometimes we have premium brands right before our eyes and don’t even know it!

Case in point: a Warren Douglas client that during recent focus groups we found that, overwhelmingly, participants in our consumer groups had no earthly idea that this client’s category of products had “brands.” Nor that there were any real brands involved or worth knowing about¬†at all. They simply assumed it was of good quality and proper specifications, and no further identification was necessary. When, in reality, many products in this category are associated with some of the most recognized brands in the world!

Many premium brands go about their business quietly, toiling away in relative obscurity. Some, like this client’s, are right out in the open, yet completely overlooked in regard to a true premium identity.¬† Others are hidden from our view as they perform their tasks. Items that come to mind here are things like spark plugs or oil filters or submersible pumps and the like.

What kind of brands can you think of that play a key role in your life and deliver a premium experience, but with little to no brand fanfare? I’d wager there are plenty. So keep your eyes peeled for these quiet yet essential premium performers. And if you own or market a brand that’s better than its competition in a low-interest category with low brand awareness, just think about the sales and growth opportunities a premium brand position might offer it.


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