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A Premium Ticket to the Promised Land

Have you been to the promised land? I just got back. And it didn’t require a trip to the Middle East, nor passing over to the other side during a close brush with death.

No, instead my ticket was waiting at a nearby grocery story — in this case, my local Sprouts. There, I booked passage to this mythically holy place. And I must tell you, it was a very special journey.

You see, the Promised Land I’m writing about here, isn’t a place — it’s a thing. A very delicious thing. It’s Promised Land Midnight Chocolate Milk, believe it or not, and it’s magnificent.

Imagine the creamiest, most premium chocolatey concoction you’ve ever experienced. Now double it. No — triple it. Now you’re approaching the chocolate nirvana this miraculous milk represents. It’s as if solid milk chocolate bars have been carefully melted and pureed into a drinkable form. It’s chocolate milk so rich, so deliciously smooth, you’d swear there’s a solid chocolate bovine in a magical barn somewhere, patiently lactating this heavenly creation herself.

Now, in reality, All Natural Promised Land Midnight Chocolate Milk comes all the way from the promised lands around Floresville, Texas. A spot, I’m sure, that many Texans would claim is downright heavenly. But I digress. The Promised Land Dairy promises that their milk is produced exclusively by Jersey cows. The Jersey is a very popular dairy cow, highly prized for its rich milk, high in butterfat. For all you city slickers out there, that translates to a mighty tasty drink — as delicious and wholesome as it is sweet and fattening.

But who cares. This is no time to be counting calories. Instead we should be counting our lucky stars that there’s a chocolate milk as downright good as Promised Land. This is what being a premium brand is all about — a brand that delivers the goods in both product quality and consumer experience. A brand that goes above and beyond during production to delight and surprise all who experience it. Promised Land does all these things, and more. To me it’s the epitome of a premium brand. The kind I like to work on, because they’re so easy to sell. Not to mention greedily gulp by the glassful!

Promised Land tips us off as to how they came by their name. On the bottle’s label there’s a quote from the Book of Deuteronomy 26:9 — He brought us to this place and gave us this land flowing with milk and honey.

I’d say it’s flowing with Promised Land Midnight Chocolate Milk, as well.

*Photo: Ryan Harvey for Warren Douglas Advertising

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