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You can’t say no to Citi’s robo-clickbait

Just like any agency worth their salt, WD adheres to the right message, right place, right time marketing creed. As a great example of innovation and adaptation of this marketing truth, we give you Citibank. The global giant recently announced its new leap forward in digital communication — the rise of the machine-learning technology in its communications, particularly email. The technology uses computers to track human behaviors and emotional responses to brand interactions, creating algorithms to edit and create sentences within auto-generated emails.


According to¬†Fortune, Citibank has “seen a 70% increase in the ‘open rate’ of its emails and a 114% increase for the ‘click-through rate’ within them.” A great example of digital innovation meets big data meets traditional marketing and storytelling, the applications of such technology promise to be revolutionary within the digital landscape.

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