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New President, new Twitter

Curious what happens to @POTUS and his 11 million followers after his term? Search no more! The White House announced this week how they plan to transition the administration’s social accounts. Will you follow the newly elected President on Twitter? Click on the link below.

POTUS copy

Instagram’s game changer 

The social media platform, Instagram, announced they will start beta-testing for retailers to allow us to shop for products we see in photos. Gone are the days of scrolling by an adorable outfit and having fashion envy, but instead purchasing the #OOTD! Share your excitement with us in the comments section below. What are some of your favorite fashion Instagrammers?


Instapaper is open to the public

Previously this app costs $29.99 per year for a subscription. Now, Pinterest is rolling out its Instapaper Premium for free! This app allows users to save web content. Click on the link below to see what you will access to in this new feature.


Trending topics on Halloween

Are you curious what the most-discussed Halloween costume types were or maybe the most-discussed Halloween candy was? Click on the link below, and take an inside look at the online social conversation during the spooky holiday.


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