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COVID-19’s Impact on the Role of CMO

Think with Google presented an article discussing the future of the CMO after COVID-19 subsides. Many of those adjustments to methodology have already begun, forcing CMOs to adapt to an ever-growing online world. The article specifically addresses five archetypes CMOs could be and why. You may be able to swing two archetypes, but you can’t be all five.

An automotive brand’s CMO shared that COVID-19 “has also accelerated the focus on the importance of a robust analytics team that can help sort through all the data and turn it into actionable insights that drive the organization forward.”

If you find your role shifting faster than your ability to adapt, consider how an advertising agency could help. Connect with Warren Douglas Advertising. Our team has all five archetypes represented. In fact, in light of the quote above, it’s important to note that we have an analytics team who lives for data and actionable insights.

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