• Premium specialty foods brand enters digital media, never turns back


BRIANNAS, a Texas-based, family-owned premium salad dressing, didn’t have the marketing budget enjoyed by the competitor brands of large holding companies. They wanted alternatives to trade deals, which temporarily increased volume but at greatly reduced margins. They needed scalable ideas that would provide incremental data and have a measurable, sustainable impact on sales.


  • BRIANNAS had no e-commerce platform to directly measure conversion from digital tactics.
  • Leadership was uncertain about their first-time foray into digital advertising.
  • They needed ideas with minimal risk, yet tactics that could scale and incrementally fund brand growth.


  • Warren Douglas launched paid search with deep-in-the-funnel keywords that convert at a low cost per click and provide data that shows clear intent to purchase.
  • We implemented BRIANNAS’ first map-driven product locator to measure conversions and the pull-through to retail.
  • We launched stratified campaigns that constrain budgets and allow for low-risk learning and optimization.


  • Website traffic immediately doubled with qualified visits.
  • In line with web traffic increases, production lines saw retailer orders increase within 60 days of campaign launch, even after the lag in distributor stock depletion.
  • BRIANNAS saw ~10% growth annually, with digital media as largest marketing investment and highest conversion metric.
  • BRIANNAS’ sustained growth and profitability led to their acquisition by La CosteƱa Foods in September of 2017.


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