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Caboodles work example
Branding / Creative / Strategy / digital / Print / Social / PR / PPC


Caboodles banks on nostalgia and utilitarian usefulness. It's a makeup organizer designed by Plano Synergy in the late 80s. It all started when Vanna White was photographed using a fisherman's tacklebox to organize her makeup on TV. An idea was born! 30 years later, the brand continues to provide cosmetic organizational options for multiple generations of on-the-go girls. We utilize the rich heritage of the past while propelling the brand into a bright future.

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Branding / Creative / Strategy / Digital / Print / Social / OTT / PPC


Warren Douglas has helped BRIANNAS scale and grow with steady, year-over-year dollar growth since 2008. We created a versatile brand voice that focuses on social media, a recipe-rich website, point of purchase merchandising, and data-driven paid search that all work together to make a tasty bevy of work and Briannas a household name.

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BRIANNAS work example
BRIANNAS work example
Creative / Studio Photography


We got to work developing a bold new identity for HardBite that resonated with an influential target audience of millennials, a strong regional position that could expand nationally, new innovation, and cost-effective campaigns to drive awareness and trial.

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Creative / Print

Sheridan French

Sheridan French is a print-driven lifestyle brand that features one-of-a-kind clothing for women and children. Vibrant, dynamic, and sophisticated clothing that Sheridan French produces is as much a work of art as they are clothing. We are translating that story to have the same impact, awareness, and value in the marketplace.

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BRIANNAS work example

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